What I Do

I am often referred to as a "Jack of All Trades". Within art I find my energy in creating dynamic and unique ways to transfer my ideas to the viewer. Sometimes that media takes form as photography. Other times it takes form as videography and even sometimes as sculpture. No matter where my art takes me, I always strive for perfection.


Who Am I

I grew up in Humboldt County but I have explored many different parts of the world. After graduating from Southern Oregon University I traveled to Australia, Tasmania, and eventually to Europe where I worked on farms and vineyards throughout different countries. Visit my blog at photosynergyphotography.blogspot.com


My Work

My first love was and always will be photography but my work has taken me on many different paths. I have experience in;
Photography - I have over 17 years of experience and have photographed in 8 different countries
Videography - I have directed and produced commercials for a NBC affiliate
Off Set Printing - I have printed newspapers and magazines for communities throughout California with Western Web Printing
Web Design - I designed several websites and have maintained the website for News Channel 3

Say Hello.

Send me an email with any comments or questions you may have.